Friday, May 27, 2011

Saying good morning goes a long way

So it's been a few weeks since I've been my training for my September half marathon. I'm still a work in progress, but definitely on track. Right now I'm consistently running about 4.5 miles, every other day, with some cross training in between.

I love running in the morning because it motivates me to be more productive throughout the day. As I get into my run, one thing I make sure I try to do as much as possible, is to say good morning to as many people as possible. Sure it may seem awkward, but there's a method to my madness. For that brief moment it takes my mind off my fatigue, but it also lifts others up as they are being acknowledged during their exercise, when they might be doing something that may be challenging or out of their own comfort zone.

Sure I get people who simply pass by me without saying anything back, and people who look at me like they're surprised someone is saying good morning to them. But the ones who light up and say good morning back makes my run that much more enjoyable. Hopefully as they are exercising towards their goals, me saying something that simple to them motivates them to push a little further.

Today, I was a perfect example of that. I was at about mile 3.5 and feeling the fatigue set in as I was trying to control my breathing. I started to catch up to a guy who was running particularly slow, and simply said "good morning".

At first he was taken back, but quickly reciprocated back to me. As we started chatting a bit and making jokes, I noticed that I wasn't even thinking about my fatigue. He shared his half marathon experience in Antigua and I my goal to complete my first in September. I finished my last mile and that deathly hill at Prospect Park, and thanked him for running with me.

Honestly if he didn't openly say hi back to me, I would have stopped short of the hill and given up for the rest of my workout. My mind was begging me to stop and clearly I had a lot more left in me.

Sooooooo, what have we learned here today????? Saying good morning is a lot more powerful than people realize and can make a person feel a lot better about themselves. You have no idea what a person is going through, and for you to acknowledge them with a smile, may lift them up in a way that no physical object or possession can.

Till next time....

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