Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A defining 2010

Towards the end of the new year it always seems to bring about new goals and aspirations for what you are going to do differently this time around. Many of those goals for various reasons seem to get swept under the rug when you realize the actual work that is involved in getting to the end point. I myself am slightly guilty of that.

Here is a short list of events I plan on participating in. I will also be hosting booths at some of these events as well so be on the look out!

- Prospect Park Spring Biathlon on March 20, 2010

- March Madness Biathlon (Central Park) on March 28, 2010

- IronClad Triathlon on May 23, 2010

- DOW live earth run for water NYC on April 18, 2010

- Cupid's Chase 5k run on February 13, 2010...With my babe!!

- Nautica New York City Triathlon on July 18, 2010
Recently registered to volunteer. Definitely not ready to do one yet!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Next step...The Bike

Good morning all. Before I start my workout I wanted to look up some bikes I can use as a step-up from the one I already have. The price I had set in my head for the avg price was TOTALLY different from what I saw on the site. A lot different from the Mongoose I used to ride when I was younger!

Now I do know that there are a lot of things that are factored in to the price and quality of the bike. (Size,type of frame, etc) I'm looking to spend at most $1000 on a bike and here's what I found.

If anyone has any suggestions on inexpensive yet quality bikes I'd greatly appreciate it.

That's all for now!!

~I don't game plan much, I play the game much~

Friday, October 23, 2009

Been gone for a min...But I'm back!!!!!

Life almost never goes as expected but I can definitely say I'm appreciating the journey thus far. Most people laughed at the thought of me training to complete an Iron man. If someone told me the same I might have as well. It's an extremely ambitious goal and anyone who knows me knows that I love to dream big. I mean why not? What are you really holding back for? Lol anywayz...I digress...

As I began to train certain things obviously became clear to me. In order to fully train and develop into the type of shape needed to complete an Iron Man, you need to be ready to be both mentally and financially prepared. I was definitely mentally ready, but the finances......they were not quite up to par. To properly train for all three aspects of the event requires not only the time (which is money) but also the proper nutrition (which requires a lot more money!!) I fell back for a minute and thus us the reason for my short absence in blogging. Don't get me wrong I still work out and am still great shape. Can run about 5 miles no problem at this point. Bike about 15 and swim...uhhhh still working on that part!!!

So from here on out as I grow my business, make my mark on the Real Estate world and just enjoy life and those around me, I will definitely incorporate consistently working out in my routine. Look forward to everyone I meet here as I embark on this journey.

Here's an amazing quote I hear at a business conference I attended about a month ago.

**I don't game plan much...I play the game much**


Monday, March 2, 2009

And so it begins....

This is my first time doing a blog and I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle my progress towards my ultimate goal...the IRONMAN competition in Hawaii. Now for those who don't know it's not a STRONGMAN. It's an IRONMAN!! That's 26miles running, 112 miles biking and 2.5 miles swimming. A lot I know. I'll be able to look back on all of these posts and see all of my experiences, ups and downs, and encouragement from you guys!!

Now I've been involved in sports most of my life. My parents had me involved in just about any sport you can imagine. Karate, baseball, tennis, and track and field to name a few. I greatly appreciate all of these things largely because most of my peers weren't doing much with themselves, or using their full potential (to be nice).

Sooooo....why an Ironman you ask? Most people who know me well know that my mind wanders and I have the tendancy to do things spur of the moment. Well, I was taking a trip to Alaska to see my boy Jamar before he was deployed and read one of those magazines with the as seen on tv products and vacation spots with glaciers and wild bears. Why they had a cover story about the Ironman in Hawaii and the plan was going to Alaska I have no idea!! Anywayz, I looked at all of the people who finished the race, all for various reasons, and thought why not me? But that wasn't exactly the moment that sealed the deal. The moment came after a brutal basketball game, full court mind you, with some of Jamar's friends on base. Mid-way through the second game (we won the first of course) I felt like I was about to die!! I didn't even tell anyone I was done, I just walked off. And in that random moment I decided to get my life together....

Here are a couple of resources I'm using and events that I plan on doing this year. If you have anymore sites that may be more useful please let me know. I'll post the links if you want anymore information about it....

bike new york
men's health
beginner triathlete
training peaks

well that's all for now....