Friday, October 23, 2009

Been gone for a min...But I'm back!!!!!

Life almost never goes as expected but I can definitely say I'm appreciating the journey thus far. Most people laughed at the thought of me training to complete an Iron man. If someone told me the same I might have as well. It's an extremely ambitious goal and anyone who knows me knows that I love to dream big. I mean why not? What are you really holding back for? Lol anywayz...I digress...

As I began to train certain things obviously became clear to me. In order to fully train and develop into the type of shape needed to complete an Iron Man, you need to be ready to be both mentally and financially prepared. I was definitely mentally ready, but the finances......they were not quite up to par. To properly train for all three aspects of the event requires not only the time (which is money) but also the proper nutrition (which requires a lot more money!!) I fell back for a minute and thus us the reason for my short absence in blogging. Don't get me wrong I still work out and am still great shape. Can run about 5 miles no problem at this point. Bike about 15 and swim...uhhhh still working on that part!!!

So from here on out as I grow my business, make my mark on the Real Estate world and just enjoy life and those around me, I will definitely incorporate consistently working out in my routine. Look forward to everyone I meet here as I embark on this journey.

Here's an amazing quote I hear at a business conference I attended about a month ago.

**I don't game plan much...I play the game much**


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